Avignon Press

Avignon Press publishes fiction and non-fiction, including short story collection, essays and poetry. We no longer accept submissions, and publish works of Casey Dorman, exclusively, however in the past Avignon Press published several authors—R.A. Morean, Anca Vlasopolos, Warren Bull, Randall Mawer, John A. Bray—whose works are still available and are listed below.

Azimuths, by R.A. Morean

2015, 228 pages

A brilliant portrayal of the lives of five women who live on the edges of the Mojave Desert and struggle with identity and survival. Read more

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Cartographies of Scale and Wing by Anna Vlasopolos

2015 104 Pages

A poetic meditation on map-making and on migration. Read more

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No Happy Endings by Warren Bull


Nineteen short stories by multiple-award-winning author Warren Bull. Read more

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Heartland by Warren Bull


Sixteen-year-old TOM ALLEN’s life is implodingas he battles to survive smoldering conflicts in “Bleeding Kansas” Read more

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Frog's Field by Randall Mawer


An imaginative tale of youth... and the world of spirits. Read more

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Is Roy Home? by Randall Mawer


Midwest America in the 1950’s with all the endearing qualities that make that memories of that era remain in the minds of many. Read More

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Code Name Caleb by John A. Bray


An exciting adventure exploring the dark underside of the U.S. Civl War. Read more

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I Meet Geronimo and Other Stories is a collection of nine stories written by author and poet Charles Bane, Jr. These tales range from the title story, about a young boy’s memorable meeting with the famed Indian chief, Geronimo, when the chief was a member of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, to thrilling a narrative of a man hired to kill a marauding tiger in India. Each story bears the stamp of the author’s prodigious story-telling skill as well as his beautiful command of language, his signature skill as a poet.

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