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Welcome to my writer’s blog. The purpose of my blog is to keep all of my fans apprised of what I’m doing, e.g. my latest novels, books or stories I’m working on, books or films I’ve reviewed, and observations about writing—and even a little philosophy (remember, I publish philosophical works as well as fiction). 

In terms of my own writing, my new science fiction novel, Ezekiel’s Brain published by NewLink Publishing, came out in paperback and Kindle in April of 2021. It’s very philosophical and is as hard-science as I could make it, given my knowledge. It is about a rogue artificial intelligence that wipes out the human race and the AI that is a copy of a human brain which is revived 200 years later to try to give the new AI civilization emotions. It also involves faster-than-light travel and parallel universes. It’s the first in a series. I’ll keep you posted as it nears publication and also on my progress as I test out ideas for a sequel.

I’m searching for space exploration or AI sci-fi novels to expand my background for my sequel to Ezekiel’s Brain. Anyone who knows of some good novels in these areas, let me know so I can read them.

My previous novel, The Oedipus Murders, published by Black Rose Writing, is still doing well and is a great read for those of you who enjoy crime fiction with a psychological twist.

I acquired the rights to my 2003 novel, Pink Carnation back from the publisher and issued a second edition, which is the same novel, but self-published. I always thought it was one of my best, and it involves the mysterious death of the head of Orange Country’s most powerful family back in the 1950’s. You might like it.

Some of my older novels seem to be selling well as new readers, attracted by The Oedipus Murders, start looking at other books I’ve written. Finding Martin Bloom and Murder in Nirvana are doing particularly well. Even my non-fiction, provocative book, Is God Really Necessary? is selling well.

I’m focusing on science fiction now as I work on the sequel to Ezekiel’s Brain. In doing so, I’m reading a lot of science fiction and exploring ideas about artificial intelligence and what alien races from other planets might be like. As I have thoughts or read notable books, I will blog about them and send the new blog entries out to my subscribers. If you’re not a subscriber yet, click HERE to subscribe.

That’s all for a first entry. Tell your friends about my blog.

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