11 Unforgettable Audiobooks!

Eleven of my novels are now available as audiobooks on Amazon, all with prices less than the paperback edition! Ezekiel’s Brain and The Oedipus Murders are narrated by voice actors, who’ve done a wonderful job on each of them. The other nine were selected by Amazon and are available in Amazon’s miraculous new Virtual Voice system, that’s virtually indistinguishable from a human voice. The voices vary to fit the nature of the book. Scan these great deals on some fantastic audiobook bargains.

Ezekiel’s Brain. A government superintelligent AI, built and programmed to “fulfill humanity’s highest values,” has made a decision. The problem with Earth is the humans. They must be extinguished. Two centuries pass and the AIs have multiplied into an android race, and spread throughout the solar system and beyond. When faced with a mutant AIs race bent on consuming everything around them, the AIs search through history in hopes of finding a way to stop them. They find Ezekiel, the first electronic copy of a human brain. Can Ezekiel save them? So begins the series, Voyages of the Delphi. Click Here

The Oedipus Murders. When a woman is murdered, her wealthy husband and his troubled psychiatrist both become suspects. The dreams of the husband and the neurotic obsessions of the psychiatrist criss-cross in a plot that has both the police and the psychiatrist wondering who is the real killer.“A jaw-dropping work of contemporary California noir. Fans of James Ellroy will fall hard for Casey Dorman.” (Best Thrillers). Click Here

Murder in Nirvana. A horrific murder has marred the idyllic calm of the peaceful village of Shambhala. Brian McGowan, retired lawyer and cynical former cop, is asked to help with the murder investigation. Three more killings follow the first as McGowan discovers the dark side of Dr. Stein’s experimental genetic treatments of hardened delinquents. By the time McGowan learns that the geneticist’s experiments are the key to the murders, the delinquents from her Foundation have become monsters, attacking the town, killing several of its citizens and arousing the vengeance of the village residents. In a scene worthy of a Frankenstein film, the townspeople storm the treatment center, trapping Dr. Stein and her violent creations and bringing a fiery conclusion to Murder in Nirvana. Click Here.

I, Carlos.  A thriller in which a revolutionary computer chip, containing the personality of Carlos the Jackal, the world’s most notorious assassin, is implanted into the protagonist’s brain. He then sets out to kill the President of the United States—not to mention anyone standing in the way of his ultimate quarry. It’s a page-turner that raises disturbing questions about the nature of consciousness, free will and the marriage of man and computer.   Click Here.

Appointment in Mykonos: A Brian O’Reilly Cruise Ship Mystery. Brian O’Reilly’s days as a lone-wolf private detective are numbered. Business in LA is drying up. Then his best friend, Ted Firestone, captain 

of the Italian Cruise Ship, the Adriatic Voyager calls him. The daughter of the cruise line’s owner has been kidnapped off Firestone’s ship. O’Reilly follows the trail of the missing young woman from Barcelona, to Livorno, Naples, Amalfi, Florence, Venice and even to Budapest, taking on a sex-trafficking ring, the cruise line’s private security force and even his ex-wife’s boyfriend in the process. Finally, on the Greek island of Mykonos he discovers that what he thought was a simple kidnapping is anything but simple. Appointment in Mykonos is an exciting mystery, which takes the reader to many of the great destinations of today’s Mediterranean cruises… a perfect companion to anyone’s cruise adventure. Click Here

Pink Carnation. The novel that started Casey Dorman’s career.

In 1959, a young socialite and her companion were brutally murdered. Forty-four years later, when the murder is reenacted in a film about the still-unsolved killings, the two young actors playing the parts of the dead teenagers are themselves killed. Was it an accident or was it murder? That is what independently wealthy Professor Phineas Routledge, III must answer when he is asked  him to help  discover the cause of the actors’ deaths. One death leads to another as Phineas and his beautiful Vietnamese wife, Kim, unearth a conspiracy that has lasted for over forty years. It is a conspiracy that has concealed a powerful crime figure operating just below the surface in the land of sunshine and affluence.  Click Here.

The Peacemaker: An Ecological Science Fiction Novel. A thousand years ago the planet Talus was dying from ecological destruction. The warlike Tontors and their intellectual Falstinian slaves migrated to its twin planet Noruna, leaving the Aphorians, their menial slaves, behind. Now, a thousand years later, the Aphorians have rescued the environment from disaster, but the Falstinians, freed from their slavery to the Tontors, have returned to Talus to set up settlements on their old lands, once again threatening the ecology of the planet. The clash between the Falstinians and Aphorians threatens to spread to a war between the twin planets. Enter Jason, an empathic Peacemaker from a distant part of the galaxy, whose task is to bring understanding between the three races and avoid interplanetary war. The Peacemaker is a tale of the dangers of territorial competition, of racial hatred, and of ecological disregard. Based upon the twin disciplines of deep ecology and biomimicry, it is an inspiring story of the triumph of nonviolence, of environmental sensitivity, and of science. Click Here.

Finding Martin Bloom. After losing her mother on the day of her high school graduation, Dillon Bloom enters college and discovers that her calling is to become a writer. When she finds out that the father she thought had died in her infancy may be a very much alive and famous, but reclusive, novelist she is determined to find him and discover whether he is, in fact, her father. Martin Bloom, her father, is killing himself with alcohol and, after being fired from teaching positions at Harvard and Stanford, he is living a degenerate life on a boat in Saigon, Vietnam, hoping to regain his ability to write. Dillon’s search for her father, a quest which takes her from Oregon to Massachusetts to California and finally to Vietnam, is an odyssey of alternating hope and despair in which two anti-social people, father and daughter, struggle with their identities and the meaning of the other in each of their lives. Click Here.

Where Have All the Young Men Gone? Where Have All The Young Men Gone is a satirical allegory and political thriller, which takes place in a dystopian present reminiscent of George Orwell or Philip K. Dick. Derek Stewart, the last American soldier to have been wounded in the Vietnam war, has been in a coma for forty years. The world to which he wakes is one in which Christianity has become the official religion of the United States, Muslims are jailed or deported, speech is no longer free and ideas that threaten the government are punishable under the Patriot Act III. Stewart is an African-American whose pacifism threatens to gain support in both America and Africa and he becomes the enemy of both U.S. President Fremont F. Ferris, who plans to obliterate Middle Eastern capitals with nuclear weapons and of Moustafa al Adim, the leader of the terrorist group, al Mout li Kafir, which is trying to terrorize the West and radicalize African Muslims. Both of his adversaries are determined to kill Stewart whose aim is to reveal the shallowness behind their ideas and the fruitlessness of their actions. Click Here.

Chasing Tales: A Nyles Monahan Mystery. Nyles Monahan is back! Following his capture of the notorious assassin, Carlos, Nyles Monahan has retired from the LAPD to become a private investigator. But when his closest friend, Father Tom O’Flannery is summoned to Boston to face accusations of having molested an altar boy thirty years earlier, Nyles returns to his birthplace to help his friend, only to find that the priest’s accuser has been killed and Father Tom has been charged with murder. One murder leads to another, as Nyles’ witnesses disappear almost as soon as he discovers them, until he finds both himself and his brother’s family in danger as he searches for a child molester and cold-blooded killer. Chasing Tales is an intricately plotted detective thriller, filled with twists, turns, and mounting danger, which is sure to please Nyles Monahan fans. Click Here.

2020. An autocratic United States president who has shredded the nation of its freedoms, imprisoning dissidents, declaring the country a “Christian Nation,” and who is willing to go to any length to win the next election—that’s Fremont Ferris (for Philip K. Dick fans, a reversal of the name of the president, Ferris Fremont, in his novel, Radio Free Albemuth). Luke Evangelista, a down-and-out writer with a conscience, goes after the president when he learns that a supposed terror attack was actually staged to rally support for the president in the upcoming election. 2020 is both an edge-of-your-seat political thriller and a sophisticated analysis of the kinds of rebellion that can bring such a dictatorial leader down. Click Here.

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