A powerful artificial intelligence—AI—goes rogue and exterminates the human race. Two-hundred years later, artificial intelligences have replaced humans, but a malignant mutation leads to an intra-galactic war that can only be won by resurrecting Ezekiel, an electronic copy of a human brain. After the war is won, Ezekiel joins a crew of AI scientists who explore other star systems. By accident they arrive in a parallel universe where humans, aided by a parallel AI Ezekiel, defeated the artificial intelligence and survived but are threatening earth through war and environmental destruction. 

Brimming with just the right blend of intelligence, knowledge and imagination, the plot of Ezekiel’s Brain careers its way from planet to planet, from solar system to parallel universe, culminating in a climax set far in the future that also acts as a metaphor for present and pressing concerns.” Panoyotis Cacoyannis, award-winning author of The Coldness of Objects

“Ezekiel’s Brain does exactly what a piece of speculative fiction should: it delights in being thought-provoking, ranging over issues in AI, neuroscience, politics and philosophy, and at the same time takes the reader on a high octane narrative journey.” Bernard Beckett, author of the scifi classic, Genesis

 Ezekiel’s Brain is a rollercoaster of a ride around the universe, and great fun to read.” Calum Chace, best-selling author of Surviving AI, The Economic Singularity, and Pandora’s Brain.

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