About Casey Dorman

Professional Reader

Casey Dorman has a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Washington. He had a long career as a neuropsychologist, university professor and dean, and in running clinical and training programs in the public sector. During his academic career, he published approximately two-dozen research papers in academic journals, and co-authored, Cognitive Effects of Early Brain Injury, a volume in the Johns Hopkins Series on Psychiatry and Neuroscience.

In addition to his academic career, Casey has written ten novels, a collection of poetry and short stories, and a book on philosophy. He was also the editor, for seven years, of Lost Coast Review, an online and print literary magazine, which continues as an online magazine to this day. He recently published an article in Civil American, the official journal of the Society of Philosophers in America, of which he is a member.

Casey’s novels include Pink Carnation (Publish America, 2003), I, Carlos (Seven Locks Press, 2004), Murder in Nirvana (Black Rose Writing, 2015), Finding Martin Bloom (Avignon Press, 2016), 2020 (Avignon Press, 2017), and the soon to be published The Oedipus Murders (Black Rose Writing, 2109), as well a several others. He is currently working on a science fiction novel, Ezekiel’s Brain, which will be published by NewLink Publishing in late 2020.

Casey lives in Newport Beach, California with his wife, Lai, and has two children, Andrea and Eric, and five grandchildren.

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