Release Date: November 7, 2023

Brace yourself for an electrifying saga of moral quandaries, superhuman species, and interstellar battles that will ignite your imagination!

Ezekiel, an android whose brain was copied from a human, has emotions and a sense of humor that make him unique among the AI crew members of the starship, Delphi. His fellow AIs are strictly logical and follow rigid rules that prevent them using their extraordinary powers to interfere with or harm other races. Those rules are tested on Trappist-1, a star system shackled by oppression and injustice. The Delphi’s newest crew member, a compassionate human empath, urges them to violate their rules and aid the oppressed population. Ezekiel agonizes over the dilemma. When a fleet of predatory aliens arrives to plunder the planets’ resources, he and the crew must choose—stay and fight or follow their Prime Directive and leave.  

“A deep exploration of the relationship between human and artificial intelligence.”

            Elizabeth Conte, award-winning author of Finding Jane

“Wonderfully satisfying and artfully cagey. The AI novel for our time!”

            Michael Hartnett, best-selling author of The Blue Rat and Death Canal

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A powerful artificial intelligence goes rogue and exterminates the human race. Two-hundred years later, artificial intelligences—AIs—have replaced humans, and inhabit the entire Solar System. When a malignant mutation leads to an intra-galactic war the resurrect Ezekiel, an electronic copy of a human brain to help them fight the war. After the war is won, Ezekiel joins a crew of AI scientists who explore other star systems and find a parallel universe in which humans still survive, but are fighting each other and destroying their planet. Ezekiel must save this race of humans so they don’t exterminate themselves and their planet. Available on Amazon

2020—A Novel for our Times

2020 A “What if” thriller in which a reporter risks his life to prove that a supposed terror attack was actually carried out by the government.

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An only slightly alternate reality in which an autocratic American president stages a false terrorist attack in order to get himself reelected. Writer Lucas Evangelista learns that the attack is false and sets out on a quest to find witnesses so that he can expose the president’s actions. As he visits various dissident groups, who are sheltering more witnesses, he becomes the target of assassination by the government, as are each of his witnesses. The various dissident groups range from revolutionary Marxists to nonviolent ecological pacifists, to White supremacist militias, each harboring witnesses to the false terror attack and each with its own plan to oppose the president. A fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat thriller, which examines political philosophies and the type of resistance that is both moral and effective in the face of an authoritarian government. Highly relevant to our times!

“2020 scares me. It’s so utterly credible, so damn possible, that it sent me running for cover—only to find that there is no cover. Don’t say Casey Dorman didn’t warn us.” Leslie Bohem, Emmy Award Winning Screenwriter and Producer.”

“Casey Dorman’s 2020 is both terrifyingly relevant and downright plausible in our terrible, Trumped-up times. It’s also a genuine thriller, with Rashomon-like twists and surprisingly (perhaps) fun to read.” David P. Barash, professor emeritus of psychology, University of Washington, National Book Award nominee, author of the forthcoming, “Through a Glass Brightly:using science to understand our species.”


The Oedipus Murders

A new novel by Casey Dorman from Black Rose Writing

A woman is murdered and her husband , the prime suspect, visits a psychiatrist and shows symptoms of dissociation in which he is worried about his secretary instead of his missing wife. The psychiatrist, is having a recurrence of dissociative symptoms himself in which he has episodes of amnesia. The psychiatrist and the husband become suspects in the wife’s murder and the secretary’s, when she is murdered. The husband finds incriminating evidence against the psychiatrist, and the psychiatrist, as well as the police, wonder if he is the killer. The answer is not known until the final pages.

“A jaw-dropping work of contemporary California noir.” —Best Thrillers


A gripping murder mystery and a fascinating journey through the tricks and tribulations of the head, intelligent, illuminating, and immensely entertaining.”

Panayotis Cacoyannis, award-winning author of The Madness of Grief.


“Recalling the great “erotic thrillers” of the 1980s, Dorman’s The Oedipus Murders consistently intrigues, excites and surprises. I was fooled time and again as the twists and turns came at me.  And I couldn’t have been more delighted.”

Leslie Bohem, Emmy-award winning screenwriter and producer


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Murder in Nirvana

“This is the novel of my dreams. A hell of a ride.”
Les Bohem, Emmy –award winning screenwriter and producer

High in California’s Santa Ynez mountains, a horrific murder has marred the idyllic calm of the peaceful village of Shambhala. Manuel Torres, an escaped resident of the experimental treatment center for delinquents run by geneticist, Dr. Francine Stein, has been savagely beaten. Brian McGowan, retired lawyer and cynical former cop, is asked to help with the murder investigation. Three more killings follow the first as McGowan discovers the dark side of Dr. Stein’s experimental treatments. By the time McGowan learns that the geneticist’s experiments are the key to the murders, the delinquents from her Foundation have become monsters, attacking the town, killing several of its citizens and arousing the vengeance of the village residents. In a scene worthy of a Frankenstein film, the townspeople storm the treatment center, trapping Dr. Stein and her violent creations and bringing a fiery conclusion to Murder in Nirvana. This is a reissue of the book originally published in 2015.

“…a breathless roller coaster ride of danger, subterfuge and murder where the unexpected simply becomes the expected.”

Bruce Colbert, author of A Tree on the Rift and Lombard Street

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Finding Martin Bloom

A literary tale of a young woman’s quest to find her father. Read more 

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The Peacemaker

An Ecological Science Fiction Novel

A Thrilling glimpse of a future world where ecology and nonviolence win out! Read more 

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Pink Carnation

1959, Orange County, California, a young socialite and her companion are brutally murdered. 2003. the murder is reenacted in The Pink Carnation Murders, a film about the still-unsolved killings. Read more

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Where Have All the Young Men Gone?

A political thriller in a dystopian present! Read more 

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Appointment in Mykonos

Murder and intrigue on a cruise ship! Read more 

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I, Carlos

I, Carlos is an imaginative thriller in which a computer chip is planted into the protagonists brain, who then sets out to kill the President. Read more

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Chasing Tales

Nyles Monahan is back! Investigating charges of murder against his best friend. Read more
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Prisoner’s Dilemma: The Deadliest Game

A prototypical Cold-War novel with the ominous threat of nuclear war hovering in the background. Read more

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A beautiful literary novel of love in the 1970’s. Read more

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