Appointment in Mykonos

Avignon Press (2013)

Paperback and Kindle Editions

Brian O’Reilly’s days as a lone-wolf private detective are numbered. Business in LA is drying up. Then his best friend, Ted Firestone, captain of the Italian Cruise Ship, the Adriatic Voyager calls him. The daughter of the cruise line’s owner has been kidnapped off Firestone’s ship. O’Reilly follows the trail of the missing young woman from Barcelona, to Livorno, Naples, Amalfi, Florence, Venice and even to Budapest, taking on a sex-trafficking ring, the cruise line’s private security force and even his ex-wife’s boyfriend in the process. Finally, on the Greek island of Mykonos he discovers that what he thought was a simple kidnapping is anything but simple.

Appointment in Mykonos is an exciting mystery, which takes the reader to many of the great destinations of today’s Mediterranean cruises… a perfect companion to anyone’s cruise adventure.

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