Where Have All the Young Men Gone?

Avignon Press (2013)

Papeback and Kindle Editions

Where Have All The Young Men Gone, the first of three novels in the Morality Series, is a satirical allegory and political thriller, which takes place in a dystopian present reminiscent of George Orwell or Philip K. Dick. Derek Stewart, the last American soldier to have been wounded in the Vietnam war, has been in a coma for forty years. The world to which he wakes is one in which Christianity has become the official religion of the United States, Muslims are jailed or deported, speech is no longer free and ideas that threaten the government are punishable under the Patriot Act III. Stewart is an African-American whose pacifism threatens to gain support in both America and Africa and he becomes the enemy of both U.S. President Fremont F. Ferris, who plans to obliterate Middle Eastern capitals with nuclear weapons and of Moustafa al Adim, the leader of the terrorist group, al Mout li Kafir, which is trying to terrorize the West and radicalize African Muslims. Both of his adversaries are determined to kill Stewart whose aim is to reveal the shallowness behind their ideas and the fruitlessness of their actions.

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