Avignon Press (2011)

Paperback and Kindle Editions

When Norman Cantwell revisits the tiny New England village of Wacusset, Massachusetts after an absence of thirty five years in order to renew his acquaintance with the woman he was in love with many years before, he begins to reminisce about that earlier love affair. His thoughts take him back to 1975 when, as the son of one of the most powerful publishers in the country, he came to Massachusetts to take over a small, struggling literary press in Boston. Norman settled in the small seacoast town of Wacusset where he fell in love with both the town and with one of its inhabitants, the successful and beautiful literary agent, Sandra Hallowell. The novel follows Norman’s struggles to make his publishing company profitable while maintaining its literary quality, while at the same time he tries to maintain a relationship with, Sandra, who sends him a novel written by a new author , a novel which has the potential to win literary awards as well as sell. Norman must struggle with the on and off attention of the peripatetic Sandra while at the same time finding himself increasingly attracted to the young novelist. Unquity is a love story, a story of the adoration of literature and a story of the Boston and south shore area in the mid 1970’s, written with grace and sensitivity and which is sure to engage every lover of good literature.

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