Murder in Nirvana

Black Rose Writing (2015)

Paperback and Kindle editions

High in California’s Santa Ynez mountains, a horrific murder has marred the idyllic calm of the peaceful village of Shambhala. Manuel Torres, an escaped resident of the experimental treatment center for delinquents run by geneticist, Dr. Francine Stein, has been savagely beaten. Brian McGowan, retired lawyer and cynical former cop, is asked to help with the murder investigation. Three more killings follow the first as McGowan discovers the dark side of Dr. Stein’s experimental treatments. By the time McGowan learns that the geneticist’s experiments are the key to the murders, the delinquents from her Foundation have become monsters, attacking the town, killing several of its citizens and arousing the vengeance of the village residents. In a scene worthy of a Frankenstein film, the townspeople storm the treatment center, trapping Dr. Stein and her violent creations and bringing a fiery conclusion to Murder in Nirvana.

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