Merry Christmas. Here are 4 free books from me to you!

Merry Christmas! Here’s 4 free books for a Xmas present!

As my appreciation for all of you being faithful readers and fans of my books, I am offering four of my most successful thrillers for free as Kindle books. The offer begins today and ends December 28th. Download one, two, three or all four. They’re all free. No strings, no advertising. If you prefer the paperback, I’m afraid Amazon won’t allow me to lower their price, but they’re all still a bargain. Remember, even without a Kindle, you can downloads the free Kindle reader on your smartphone or computer and enjoy the books.

Here’s the books:

I, Carlos

I, Carlos is thriller in which a revolutionary computer chip, containing the personality of Carlos the Jackal, the world’s most notorious assassin, is implanted into the protagonist’s brain. He then sets out to kill the President of the United States—not to mention anyone standing in the way of his ultimate quarry. It’s a page-turner that raises disturbing questions about the nature of consciousness, free will and the marriage of man and computer.

This is the 15th anniversary issue of I, Carlos, slightly updated and containing an author’s preface to the new edition. Free on Amazon at:

Pink Carnation

A bizarre accident or murder? In 1959, a young socialite and her companion were brutally murdered. Forty-four years later, when the murder is reenacted in a film about the still-unsolved killings, the two young actors playing the parts of the dead teenagers are themselves killed. Was it an accident or was it murder? That is what independently wealthy Professor Phineas Routledge, III must answer when his student, the sister of one of the actors, asks him to help her discover the cause of her brother’s death. One death leads to another as Phineas and his beautiful Vietnamese wife, Kim, unearth a conspiracy that has lasted for over forty years. It is a conspiracy that has concealed a powerful crime figure operating just below the surface in the land of sunshine and affluence, and the lives of Phineas and Kim are in danger from the moment they discover it. Free on Amazon at:

Prisoner’s Dilemma: The Deadliest Game

Prisoner’s Dilemma: The Deadliest Game is a prototypical Cold-War novel with the ominous threat of nuclear war hovering in the background of every political machination. But this time, the prospect of war intrudes onto center stage as the reader discovers how close the United States came to launching a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia – all because of the brilliant mathematician, John von Neumann’s game theory exercise, the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Based upon extensive historical research, including recently declassified CIA and FBI documents, Prisoner’s Dilemma: The Deadliest Game, while fiction, focuses upon real events, real people and even real conversations as it skirts terrifyingly close to the truth. The settings for the drama range from the White House, to the Center for Advanced Studies at Princeton University, to the infamous “Installation,” in Russia where Andrei Sakharov developed the Soviet hydrogen bomb. Free on Amazon at:

Appointment in Mykonos

Brian O’Reilly’s days as a lone-wolf private detective are numbered. Business in LA is drying up. Then his best friend, Ted Firestone, captain of the Italian Cruise Ship, the Adriatic Voyager calls him. The daughter of the cruise line’s owner has been kidnapped off Firestone’s ship. O’Reilly follows the trail of the missing young woman from Barcelona, to Livorno, Naples, Amalfi, Florence, Venice and even to Budapest, taking on a sex-trafficking ring, the cruise line’s private security force and even his ex-wife’s boyfriend in the process. Finally, on the Greek island of Mykonos he discovers that what he thought was a simple kidnapping is anything but simple. Appointment in Mykonos is an exciting mystery, which takes the reader to many of the great destinations of today’s Mediterranean cruises… a perfect companion to anyone’s cruise adventure. Free on Amazon at:


Merry Christmas!


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