Is Roy Home? by Randall Mawer

Paperback and Kindle Editions

For the many fans of Randall Mawer’s first novel, “Frog’s Field,” his new teen fiction novel, “Is Roy Home?” is a long-awaited treat. Roy Hough, Frog Mott’s best friend, is now a high school student as is another of Frog’s friends, Arthur Shell. Roy is a star of his high school baseball team while Arthur is a loner, befriended only by Roy and Connie Dunn, Roy’s friend and the female manager of the boy’s baseball team. The story follows the fortunes of Roy’s high school team through a season, Arthur’s blossoming into a sociable young grownup, the burgeoning relationship between Roy and Connie and the role all three of the young friends find themselves in when Roy’s mother inherits a house and money and becomes a potential victim of a young tennis pro who wants to take advantage of her. This is a story of small-town, Midwest America in the 1950’s with all the endearing qualities that make that memories of that era remain in the minds of many as one of our country’s last times of innocence.

About the Author

Randall Mawer studied at Wilmington College, Miami of Ohio, and the University of Pennsylvania. He teaches English at the United States House of Representatives Page School in Washington, D.C.

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