Azimuths by R.A. Morean


Hardbound, Paperback, Kindle Editions

Lyrical and full of grit exactly as it needs to be..." -- Lee Martin, Pulitzer Prize fiction nominee
A story of emotional and physical paralysis, Azimuths unfolds as voices converge. Each character remains on a singular trajectory, yet all are connected as they try to figure out who and why to love and how to move forward with their lives. 

Raceway Trailer Park sits on the lip of the Mojave. What sifts under the sand are mysteries--a  fossilized whale, a particle accelerator, and calculated dreams of escape. Above live five unique women: Hattie, who tries to find her dead mother's face in her own; Kinni, the veiled survivor of Nagasaki; Melody, the orphan who nurses wayward children;  Lani, who uses a camera to create distances; and Oxena, who can't decide if she loves or hates her husband of forty years. And the men struggle with the bloodstain of history.

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