Casey Dorman is the author of fiction, non-fiction and sociopolitical and philosophical essays. He has published more than ten novels. His latest works are shown here. Look up his other fiction and nonfiction using the navigation bar at the top of the page.

A Novel for Our Times

An only slightly alternate reality in which an autocratic American president stages a false terrorist attack in order to get himself reelected. Writer Lucas Evangelista learns that the attack is false and sets out on a quest to find witnesses so that he can expose the president's actions. As he visits various dissident groups, who are sheltering more witnesses, he becomes the target of assassination by the government, as are each of his witnesses. The various dissident groups range from revolutionary Marxists to nonviolent ecological pacifists, to White supremacist militias, each harboring witnesses to the false terror attack and each with its own plan to oppose the president. 2020 is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat thriller, which examines political philosophies and the type of resistance that is both moral and effective in the face of an authoritarian government. Highly relevant to our times!

Coming in September from Black Rose Writing!

The Oedipus Murders

From Black Rose Writing

A new psychological mystery by Casey Dorman

An intricate exploration of the minds of two men: the husband of a missing woman and his psychoanalyst, both of whom share similar neurotic complexes. As the analyst unravels his client’s repression and denial about his actions toward his wife, the analyst must also struggle with his own amnesiac episodes, which increasingly lead him to suspect that he may have played a role in the woman’s murder.  The Oedipus Murdersis a complex psychological mystery, which takes place in the wealthy California coastal community of Newport Beach.

"The Oedipus Murders is a gripping murder mystery and a fascinating journey through the tricks and tribulations of the head, intelligent, illuminating, and immensely entertaining."

            Panayotis Cacoyannis, award-winning author of “The Madness of Grief.”

"Just when the reader thinks he knows what is coming next, just as all captivating, suspenseful “Oedipus Murders” must do, the plot, filled with surprise, shifts again. All is great fun. The novel would make a great film.”

Darryl Freeland, Ph.D., Former Psychology Professor, Alliant International University