Win 18 Speculative Fiction Novels!

Interested in speculative fiction—sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, futuristic—novels? I’m a science fiction reader, a fan of novels about the future, robots, space travel, and rogue AIs. I also like dystopian futuristic novels and alternate histories. Some of my friends are into vampires, fantasy worlds, and magic.

For some of us these types of books are ways to get away from the daily burdens of our lives and for others they are a way to set our minds free, to allow us to probe the limits of reality, at least in our imaginations.

Whatever your reason for reading speculative fiction, I have a great deal for you. I’ve joined seventeen other speculative fiction writers to out together a raffle. This raffle has five winners, and each winner gets a free copy of a novel from each of the 18 of us. That’s 18 speculative fiction novels for free!

I can’t list all of them, but I’ve included a tiny sample in this post. For the complete list and  raffle entry form go to

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Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, which is absolutely free! That’s a chance to win 18 free novels, all exciting, speculative fiction. And here’s one more, below, which many of you are familiar with, because it’s my own best-selling novel updated and reissued on its 15th anniversary.

Remember, go to

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