A Beautiful Book of Short Stories

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A few years ago, when I was still publishing others’ works, I reviewed an absolutely beautiful book of poetry called “The Chapbook”, written by Charles Bane Jr., poet and historian, about whom the Huffington Post wrote, “Charles Bane Jr.’s work does not only stand on the shoulders of giants, it shrinks them, makes them less daunting and more manageable, and translates their seemingly forgotten ideology into a modern tongue.” I was contacted by the author, who wished to publish a small book of short stories on Kindle and asked if I would publish it for him. I read the stories and was awestruck by the author’s prose presentation of profound experiences and thoughts in his compelling stories. I immediately leapt at the chance of publishing his book of stories. Now, four years later, I saw that this precious, small book was languishing on my publishing company’s backlist and no longer getting the attention it deserved. I have chosen to offer this book of stories, called “I Meet Geronimo and Other Stories” for free for the next three days. I hope all of you who are lovers of literary short stories, ones which have the power to compel your attention and absorption, will take advantage of this offer and download the free kindle book. It can be found at I Meet Geronimo on Amazon.

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