Coming in September, 2019

The Oedipus Murders

A new novel by Casey Dorman from Black Rose Writing

A woman is murdered and her husband , the prime suspect, visits a psychiatrist and shows symptoms of dissociation in which he is worried about his secretary instead of his missing wife. The psychiatrist, is having a recurrence of dissociative symptoms himself in which he has episodes of amnesia. The psychiatrist and the husband become suspects in the wife’s murder and the secretary’s, when she is murdered. The husband finds incriminating evidence against the psychiatrist, and the psychiatrist, as well as the police, wonder if he is the killer. The answer is not known until the final pages.

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by Casey Dorman

A modern political Thriller

An only slightly alternate reality in which an autocratic American president stages a false terrorist attack in order to get himself reelected. Writer Lucas Evangelista learns that the attack is false and sets out on a quest to find witnesses so that he can expose the president’s actions. As he visits various dissident groups, who are sheltering more witnesses, he becomes the target of assassination by the government, as are each of his witnesses. The various dissident groups range from revolutionary Marxists to nonviolent ecological pacifists, to White supremacist militias, each harboring witnesses to the false terror attack and each with its own plan to oppose the president. A fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat thriller, which examines political philosophies and the type of resistance that is both moral and effective in the face of an authoritarian government. Highly relevant to our times!

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