Chasing Tales, a Nyles Monahan mystery for only $0.99!

Have you been enjoying Fire and Wine, which is available in three consecutive downloads on my fan page at Well, guess what? Nyles Monahan, the retired LAPD detective in Fire and Wine is the protagonist in two other mysteries: I, Carlos, and Chasing Tales. I, Carlos is still available only in hardcopy from third party sellers, but will soon be coming out in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon. Right now, though, you can obtain both paperback and Kindle versions of Chasing Tales, and the Kindle version has just been REDUCED TO $0.99! To get your copy of Chasing Tales for under a dollar, go to  Chasing Tales on Amazon.  It’s a great story about Nyles’ best friend, Father Tom O’Flannery, who is accused of molesting children decades earlier. When Father Tom’s main accuser is murdered, Nyles flies to Boston to try to uncover the real murderer and clear his friend’s name. It’s an exciting mystery that takes Nyles back to his childhood haunts of Boston’s Irish sections of Dorchester and South Boston and has him confronting the full power of the Boston Catholic Archdiocese. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, especially its surprise ending.

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